Our Products

We offer a wide range of high-quality metallic steel products manufactured to international standards. We Work closely with our clients to  make sure the quality products we produce  are delivered on time and to their satisfaction.  We make every effort to build a strong and open relationships with our customers.  

We can  design, develop,  manufacture and  supply all types of  sheet metal items.  However , we are specialists in manufacturing Garbage Chute Systems , Fire Rated Steel Doors, Electrical Panels, Network and Junction Boxes, Steel Furniture, Fire Hose Reel Boxes, Fire Boxes, Gas Boxes, Staircase Handrails, Steel Pollards, Sanitizing Tunnels and Foot Operated Dispenser units.

Sanitizing Tunnel

Foot Operated Dispenser

Safety Lockers

Recycling Bin

Stainless steel recycling Bin

Garbage Systems

Garbage Chute Systems

Fire Rated Steel Doors

Fire Rated Doors

Electrical Panels

Electrical Panels

Network Junction Boxes

Network and Junction Boxes

Steel Furniture

Steel Furniture

Fire Hose Reel Box

Fire Hose Reel Boxes

Fire Hose Box

Fire Boxes

Gas Cabinet

Gas Cabinet

Stainless Steel Rails

Staircase Handrails


Garbage Brush Washing Machine

Tri Sorter